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Nature Inspiration

All the fabrics are natural (mostly cotton and linen) and have been dyed with natural dyes using traditional techniques.


In addition, some of the fabrics have been printed with leaves in a special process where the leaf is pressed against the fabric and steamed or cooked, so that the natural chemistry of the leaf is transferred to the fabric. Every plant creates different colors. Every leaf has its own personal imprint. The two sides of the leaf create different colors and textures. It’s a magical process with surprising results that never fail to excite me.

A single layer huppah in a Korean patchwork technique called Pojagi. The uniqueness of this method is that the patchwork looks good from both sides, as all the fabric edges are closed inside the seams.


A one of a kind piece that is perfect for an open location wedding in nature. A wonderful huppah for the ecologically minded couple.

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