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Modern Heirloom

Two are Better

This is a huppah I made for our son and his lovely bride. I chose to use silk because of the luxurious shine and lovely texture, but it is important to note that silk is possibly less robust than cotton for items that are supposed to last for many years and thus requires better care.

The design selected is of curving lines and circles, creating a sensation of flow. The styling of the wedding used the circles as a main motif and balls colored in the colors of the huppah were used to decorate trees in the event venue.

The proportions of this huppah are rather unusual as it is rectangular rather than square.

Modern Style Heirloom Huppah

Heirloom huppot are highest quality materials, quilted and embellished to last for generations. The modern style huppah has no predefined style – the design is developed for the specific taste of the customer.

On the back of the huppah we recommend adding a label for every couple that is wed under it. This makes the huppah into a historical record of family weddings


This type of huppah is also appropriate for synagogues and congregations that would like to have a community huppah.

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