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Traditional Heirloom

Rejoice with the Bride and Groom​

A family heirloom huppah, to be used in the weddings of all the descendants of an Israeli family. On the back I have added labels with the names and wedding dates of the grandmother and grandfather that ordered the huppah, the names and wedding dates of all their children, and now I will start adding labels for the grandchildren and G-d willing, the great grandchildren when the day comes.

The central motif is a Star of David. The text is in loose translation: Bringing joy to the bride and groom is like rebuilding one of the ruins of Jerusalem (Masechet Brachot 6). The four corners include illustrations of the four faces of Jerusalem – the old city, the new city, areas from the end of the 19th beginning of 20th century, and Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

The huppah is made from the highest quality materials and exquisitely quilted.

Traditional Heirloom Huppah


Heirloom huppot are highest quality materials, quilted and embellished to last for generations. The design is traditional and is based on a central motif such as a Star of David, a tree of life, or another appropriate design. It also includes a meaningful text, usually from Jewish sources, and additional decorations that are appropriate for the central motif and the text.


On the back of the huppah I recommend adding a label for every couple that is wed under it. This makes the huppah into a historical record of family weddings.

This type of huppah is also appropriate for synagogues and congregations that would like to have a community huppah.

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