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I was born in Kishinev, the former USSR and made Aliya in 1972. I graduated Architecture and Town Planning in the Haifa Institute of Technology. My education contributed a lot to my art, but was never actually used to make a living. Most of my adult life I worked in the Israeli high tech industry as a product manager.

I started quilting in 1984 after accidentally discovering two quilt books in a small bookstore.

I teach quilting and surface design techniques in my studio and for the Israeli Quilting Association.

In 2001 I served on the board of the association both as a member and as a chairperson.

I have exhibited in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad, won prizes and my work was published in professional publications.

Most of my quilts till now were wall art, but I really love making decorative and functional art. As a result I have made a number of ceremonial Jewish pieces, like ark curtains and Torah covers, quite a few bed quilts, and lately also huppot (Jewish wedding canopies).

Why huppot? I love making art that brings joy to people and what could be more joyous than weddings?

I believe that the Jewish wedding ceremony is meaningful for the couple. My hope is that the process of designing the huppah together, having a personal piece of art above you during the ceremony, and eventually a beautiful memento of the ceremony that stays with you and can be a part of your life cycle events as a family, will contribute to this special occasion.

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